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Club Event
Xmas night out, club's annnual get together to celebrate and discuss over the passed year andn havea meal and drink together Details on FaceBook and forum
Kindly advised as early as possible to make necessary reservations, Booking will be done on 13th Dec so kidly advise before that date,

STAG Recruitment
STAG is opening submition from paid members for recruitment 131, more details can be followed on the forum
You can also find the details on facebook
Those with no access to the forum, kindly send us an e-mail on MAACAIRSOFT@GMAIL.COM

New law ammendments on the airsoft lisence
Ammendments on the law about firearms have been made and airsoft has been removed from the TS-B lisencing.
Now airsoft weapons can be purchased without needing any license, but to use them one has to be a member of a club
You can read more on the following
LN 75 of 2013
LN 76 of 2013

Club Statute
Club Statute can be found in the S.O.P. page. All members are requested to read this document.