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About Us

MAACAirsoft forms part of the MAAC ( Malta Allied Air-gu nners Club ) which is the leading club for air-gunners on the island of Malta.

The club has been formed soley in order to promote the discipline of airgun/airsoft among those enthusiast who wanted to practice this sport a step higher, towards a more professional approach than other local clubs. The Club falls under the Maltese Weapons Board Authority, under the Class B Shooter License, which comprise of shotguns, airguns and airsoft weapons.

The club vision is to provide that extra touch of knowledge & values that other clubs never bodered to transmit to its members.

This goes beyond the basic principles, where professionalism is at the heart of our club values, while respecting to the full, the legal responsibilities that have been entrusted to each and every member under the current Maltese legislation.

For us Airsoft is not only a sport where one does skirmish activity but it is a "teamwork" activity where communication, trust and friendship are the fundamental basis.

Safety, respect to the environment and legality, for us are important.
For those enthusiasts who want to practice this sport, MAAC provides a course in "Safety" which will lead you to the issue of an LOR ( Letter of Recommendation ) for the issue of a weapons license leading to an examination by the weapons board. The board than will issue a Class B Shooter License so to be able to practice either airgun or airsoft activities.

As a requisite for the practice of this sport, am insurance policy is required, which the club will issue for you when applying for the membership.

A Central Administration body within the club takes care of the running up of the club affairs, activities and lias with the Police force and other entities in view of activities organization and licensing procedures for security reasons.

As a standard procedure, we have qualified first aid personnel and kits which are a standard issue during the activities and periodically, we send members for first aid courses, so to have a number of trained people for any eventuality during our activities.


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