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Due to the amount of queries we receive, we might take some time to contact you back. Below are some basic FAQ for your guidance.

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* You need to have 18 years of age. If you are about to be 18, no worries, contact us and our admin team will guide you in the procedure of obtaining the relevant information needed in view of your application.


* Have a clean Police conduct. This is imperative as no applicant will be accepted without it. Protective Clothings and equipment

* As for every sport, a minimum level of self protection equipment is required. As standard requirement, protective goggles are a mandatory requirement during our activities. These are specific type of goggles which stand for the impact of the plastic 6mm BB's we use. For those who want extra protection, we use vests, face masks ,gloves and helmets. This brings as well a touch or "realisms" during the activities.

Target Shooter B License holders

*People who would like to join us and have TSB License, need only contact us and we will arrange a meeting in order to get to know better each other. From then, we will guide you in applying for the membership and any other matters you would need assistance in.

I have an AEG, can I bring it with me?

*If you have a valid TSB License and own an AEG, you can come to our activities, please contact us in order to guide you to the location where the activity will be held and most important is that you bring the license papers with you and the insurance policy.

Do I need an insurance policy to practice airsoft?

* YES, it is imperative to have an insurance policy to practice airsoft. Usually it is a "3rd party" policy, It is not expensive but it is required. If you do not have one, our admin team will assist you in obtaining one.

Are the activity locations secure to operate from?

*Yes, We take care of every aspect of the activity location. Our admin team as a standard procedure will contact the police force and other relevant entities before any activity is prepared so in order to have all interested parties informed.






LN 173
LN 173

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LN 177
LN 178
LN 178
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